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A voice for the immigrant architect community

Our Mission

We are committed to helping and providing resources for immigrant architects to achieve a prosperous career in the U.S. through mentoring, public speaking, authorship and contribution.


Our Story

After the success of the 2019 AIA Conference On Architecture session "How Immigrant Architects Can Prosper In the U.S.?", the session organizer Yu-Ngok Lo, and session speakers Graciela Carrillo and Shahad Sadeq decided to continue the mission of helping their fellow immigrant architects. As a result, the Immigrant Architects Coalition was created.

City shapers book

In 2022, our book, City Shaper: Stories of Immigrant Designers, was released, representing the inaugural stride towards realizing a key aspect of our mission. Within its pages, twenty-four immigrant professionals share their experiences as business owners, leaders at the American Institute of Architects, and entrepreneurs in this book. The stories shared within its pages portray a common path in their journey to attain a successful and meaningful career in the U.S

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In 2023, the Immigrant Architect Coalition Podcast was launched, offering a dynamic platform for immigrant architects to share their stories, insights, and expertise.  The release of this podcast marks a significant milestone, providing a valuable resource for both aspiring and established immigrant architects, as well as anyone interested in the intersection of architecture and cultural diversity.

Non Profit/BOD

In 2023, the Immigrant Architect Coalition was formally established as a C501(c)(3) non-profit organization. During this year, the organization meticulously selected and appointed its Board of Directors. This strategic move signifies a crucial step in shaping the direction and leadership of IAC, laying the foundation for its mission and initiatives. 

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In March 2024, a groundbreaking initiative was launched: a scholarship program tailored to support students in pursuit of their architectural education. Furthermore, another initiative is slated for launch in 2025, targeting individuals undertaking the Architect Registration Examination (ARE). These scholarships are designed to cultivate academic and professional advancement within the architecture field.


In 2024, the Immigrant Architect Coalition will release a helpful book called "Prospering In The U.S. - A Handbook for Immigrant Architects." This comprehensive guide will be a valuable resource, providing crucial insights, practical advice, and a wealth of information tailored specifically to support immigrant architects in navigating and excelling in the United States.

Reading a Book
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