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Table of Content


  1. Getting Acclimated 

    • Things to know when you move to the USA 

    • Cultural shock

    • Microaggression and how to deal with it

  2. Adapting the new language and culture

    • Building Effective Communication Skills 

    • Eliminating stereotyping and unrealistic expectations 

    • Having an open mind 

    • Finding the help you need  

  3. Building your architectural career 

    • Education 

    • Understanding the profession and career options 

    • Choosing the right school 

    • Taking your career abroad 

    • Job Hunting and Salary Negotiation  

    • Preparing for resume, portfolio and job interview 

    • Employment

    • When to hire a lawyer 

    • Working overseas as an immigrant architect   

  4. Professional Development and Continuing Education

    • Networking 101 as an Immigrant 

    • Professional Certifications and Licensing 

    • The Importance of Continuing Education, Workshops, Conferences, and Seminars 

    • How to find your advocate and get the promotion you deserve 

    • How to market yourself, how to tell a story 

  5. Work-Life Balance and Wellness

    • Balancing Career and Personal Life 

    • Managing Stress and Mental Health 

    •  Immigrants as Ambassadors of EDI - Building a Supportive Work Environment, Embracing Diversity in the Workplace, Promoting Inclusivity and Equity in Architecture 

  6. Mentorship and Guidance

    • Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in Mentorship 

    • The Value of Mentoring Relationships & Finding a Mentor 

    • Becoming a Mentor for Others 

  7. Giving back to the profession and community (personal stories)

  8. Starting Your Own Practice 

    • Visa required/ Documents required/ legal process and paperwork of starting a firm 

    • How to build a firm brand and attract clients after starting a firm 

    • Preparing Yourself to be Your Own Boss

    • IAC Non-Profit 

    • The Story of Studio ENEE Architects 

  9. Appendix A – Resources 

  10. Appendix B – About the authors

Disclaimer: The viewpoints expressed in this guide are those of the author(s) and are not necessarily approved by, reflective of or edited by other individuals, groups, or institutions. Each chapter article is an expression by the author(s) to generate discussion and interest in this topic.

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