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  1. Day 1

  2. Adapting the new language and culture

    • Eliminating stereotyping and unrealistic expectations

    • Having an open mind

    • Finding the help your need

  3. Starting your architectural career

    • Understanding the profession and career options

    • Choosing the right school

    • Preparing for the right document

    • Taking your career abroad

  4. Immigration through

  5. Giving back to the profession and community

    • Volunteering

    • Civic engagements

    • Building a network through AIA & Community

  6. Starting your own firm

  7. Appendix A – Resources

  8. Appendix B – Contributors

Disclaimer: The viewpoints expressed in this guide are those of the author(s) and are not necessarily approved by, reflective of or edited by other individuals, groups, or institutions. Each chapter article is an expression by the author(s) to generate discussion and interest in this topic.

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